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Wedding photography techniques from one of the UK's most successful wedding photographers

  • You've been asked to shoot a friend's wedding?
  • You want to make money photographing weddings?
  • You're a pro going into wedding photography?

Well I can show you how to do it

  • Hundreds of wedding photograph ideas
  • Real life examples, hints and tips
  • What equipment you'll need and why
  • Techniques I use at every wedding
  • Lighting and using flash
  • Which images to take where and when
  • How to get all the guests on your side
  • How to get everything done in the time you have
  • What to charge
  • How to enjoy wedding photography!


wedding photography techniques
Wedding Photography
wedding photography exposed
By Mike Browne

Don't even think about photographing a wedding unless you're prepared. . .


I only intended to look at it for 10 seconds or so but it pulled me in - phenomenal!


David Collins - photographer Dave Collins




Making money with wedding photography . . .
  • £20,000 is the average UK wedding spend
  • At least 10% is on photography
  • That's £2,000 per wedding
  • So how can you break into that market?
If you want to make money you'll need happy clients, if you have happy clients you'll make more money when they tell their friends!
how to photograph weddings  
  • Attract the kind of clients you want to work with
  • Help the couple plan the day so it works for you and them
  • Understand what your clients really want and deliver it
  • Be confident about organising people
  • Put even the most nervous of Brides / Grooms at ease
  • Be inconspicuous when shooting candid pictures
  • Never worry about the weather so they won't either

When you've mastered these - you'll receive letters like this

"We just wanted to say (another) massive thank-you. You guys were professional, great fun and totally on our wave length. We got exactly what we wanted and much much more. You guys are all absolutely great and key to the success of our day."

Love from Lucy and Matt (pictured left)

Why buy a wedding photography guide from us?

If you've just arrived here you may be wondering who Mike is to
offer wedding photography techniques!

wedding photography guide Mike Browne
Mike Browne

"I started off with the best possible hands-on training - carrying the bags for other wedding photographers! In 1993 I went professional, and very quickly I was pioneering a new kind of wedding photography. My clients didn't want starchy family poses and, frankly neither did I. So I became one of the first photographers in the UK to shoot the relaxed documentary style we have today.

And the results were phenomenal! My business grew to the point I was turning away three weddings for every one I booked. Clients went from modestly financed to millionaires. How would you fancy that?"

In this wedding photography guide I'm sharing my fifteen years experience as one of the UK's top wedding photographers so you can learn how to do it too."

  • Photography writer for Digital SLR User magazine
  • Photography film maker (gadget tester) - Photo360 Magazine
  • Wedding photography awards from Kodak, Fuji and the Master Photographers Association

What's inside?
photographing wedding details how to photograph the  groomsmen photographing the ushers how to photograph the bride arriving
photographing brides and grooms in the car how to photograph the bride and groom how to photograph bride and groom how to photograph in stron backlight
photographing Brides and Grooms how to photograph the bride and groom how to photograph brides and grooms photographing weddings
using fill in flash how to photograph the groomsmen photographing the first dance photographing the wedding reception

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